A hard working and committed candidate

Learning about a local traffic problemLearning about a local traffic problem


I bring to politics a wide range of experience in the public and private sectors.  I have a lively interest in any community that I am living in, and if selected, will  move to the constituency that chooses me to represent the Conservative party in the local area.

With grown up children, my husband and I are looking forward to living in the area I seek to represent.

Having worked hard as a candidate for three years before the General Election in 2010, I know what it takes to make an impact.  I am used to working with local activists, and the party more widely to present a campaign that shows sensitivity and understanding of local issues, but within the context of wider party policy.

I am not afraid to champion a cause for the people I represent.

I am experienced at working with the press, and during my campaign to 2010, was in the

local paper at least once or twice a week, generating my own interest stories, writing my own press releases and ensuring that they were sent to local media.  I have experience in radio and television as well,  taking part in TV and radio debates, as well as participating in hustings meetings with other candidates.

I am known for my capacity for hard work, and getting on with people in all walks of life.  You don't have to take my word for that - please do read the endorsements on this website.  I'm proactive in seeking out the issues, forming my own judgement, and working hard to get  the best possible result for those I am working for.  I have wide experience of the public, private and charitable sectors, and bring that depth of experience to my work in politics.  


Above all, I enjoy my politics - working with committed

local and national political figures to make a difference  








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