My political priorities

-    To be part of a Conservative Government with a working majority

In my own constituency, I will be working to ensure that Conservative supporters know that they have a champion working for them.  I will ensure that I am well known to our local activists and supporters.  I will also work hard to ensure that those who are not Conservative know that I am listening to them, and working for them too. If we have any spare capacity in my constituency, I hope that we will lend our support to other constituencies we need to win - mutual aid is a Conservative tradition and can make all the difference.  


-    To work with and support local activists and elected members to gain and maintain Conservatives at every level

I will be working with and supporting elected local Conservatives, and those who aspire to elected office.  If we are to spread Conservative influence throughout Government, we need to support our current representatives, but also to encourage and inspire others to enter public life, and to serve their communities.  


-    To safeguard Britain's interests and to see Britain flourish

In a global world, we must ensure that we can compete.  Supporting companies doing business globally, ensuring that our education system is fit for purpose, and equipping our young people for the workforce.  As the mother of a serving Officer, I am passionately committed to seeing that our Armed Forces have what they need to do the job we send them to do on our behalf.  


-    To help develop policies which ensure that public services in my constituency are appropriate to the needs of residents

Every constituency has individual characteristics, and the model of public services needs to fit the constituency.  In particular, I am passionate about the need for health services to be fit to serve the needs of the people.  Not every town can, or should, have a district general hospital delivering accident and emergency services.  But community services can often deliver much more than they currently do.  


-    To preserve the local environment whilst allowing appropriate and sensitive growth

Britain needs to compete in the global environment.  To do so, our economy must continue to grow as it has begun to do.  That means that we will need more housing, and facilities where businesses can be started and developed.  However, we are privileged to live in a beautiful country, and all development must be sensitive to the environment.  I am particularly passionate about how we can grow and develop town centres, so that they are both vibrant and sustainable.  




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