Sian Flynn is one of the most outstanding candidates we have: personable, decent, committed and with hugely valuable experience outside the political bubble which makes her superbly good at communicating with ordinary voters

The Rt. Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Health


I have no hesitation in endorsing Sian.  I have known her for many years and she would make the most marvellous MP.  She has a very diverse breadth of knowledge and experience, and this, coupled with her drive and energy, will mean that the constituency that selects her is very lucky!

Baroness Hodgson, Past Chairman Conservative Women's Organisation, Past President National Conservative Convention


As Chairman of South West Conservative Future , I know how hard it can be to encourage young people to get involved with the Conservative Party. Sian has been a close friend of Conservative Future for many years. Initially helping us to start up a branch, Sian has been a key figure in developing and encouraging young people to get involved in Politics - which is an increasingly hard task. Energetic, intelligent and great with younger voters, Sian will be a great candidate in any constituency.       

Connor Donnithorne, Chairman Conservative Future in the South West


Sian has amazing energy, enthusiasm and drive.  Bright, resourceful and with a varied career behind her that gives her unique and special skills to bring to Parliament.

Anne Milton MP, Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury


I have campaigned with Sian over many years and always found her friendly and approachable with an ability to address even the most complex issue in simple, straightforward terms. This skill is a real asset when speaking to a diverse range of voters and combined with her high work rate will make her a formidable MP

Ashley Fox MEP, South West Region and Leader of the Conservatives group in the European Parliament


Sian Flynn was a very hard working candidate, who gave unstintingly of her time, during the period of which she was our candidate. She was conscientious and committed. Her engaging personal style encouraged many who were not Party members to support evidenced by the increase in our share of the vote.

Graham Facks Martin, Past Chairman and President North Cornwall Conservative Association, Past Leader North Cornwall District Council


Sian, then prospective parliamentary candidate for North Cornwall, came to the assistance of Trevalga  during 2008 and 2009 when South West Water planned a major sewerage works in an Area of Outstanding Beauty in the centre of this small hamlet. The utility company were aided by influential ‘NIMBY’ individuals in neighbouring communities. Sian became our trusted and valuable ally at a time when our MP and County Councillor deserted us.


 In what was a David and Goliath scenario there was but little for Sian to gain from her involvement with the community, at best a handful of votes in a miniscule event on the political landscape. However, while other politicians followed the path of expediency, she set herself apart from them. Recognising that natural justice was not being served she became deeply supportive of a community under great stress. She alone was willing to ‘nail her colours to the mast’ and attended our meetings, provided us with a constant and helpful listening ear and met with the CEO of South West Water to argue our case.


Sadly the campaign was not successful – but by her actions Sian demonstrated the core values that motivate her. It is a tragedy for North Cornwall that she did not become our MP – but I sincerely hope that our loss will soon be another constituency’s gain.

Dr. Chris Jarvis, retired GP and Parish Council Member, Forrabury and Minster Parish Council

Having chaired appointments boards for statutory non-departmental public bodies under full OCPA processes and appointed and subsequently mentored chairs, CEOs and board members, I have no excuse for not recognising quality when I see it.  I am therefore delighted to endorse Sian Flynn unhesitatingly – she tempers an outstanding mind with an almost unique ability to listen and to charm audiences at all levels.  Sian has a strong ethical sense and somehow manages to balance the drive and determination needed to deliver outcomes with a keen sense of fun and a deft touch so taking colleagues, subordinates and even opponents with her.



Sian Flynn is a fine candidate whose decision-making is based on experience.    She is a team-player and loyal.    Capable of mastering a complex brief as well as giving wise advice to constituents on their problems.   An all-rounder.

Ann Mugford, Past Leader Waverley Borough Council, Past Chairman South West Surrey Conservative Association


During my time as a Special Branch personal protection officer and later on in retirement I have worked during most of the General Election campaigns since 1987, in the close company of David Steel, John Major, Brian Mawhinney and William Hague.  In 2010 I planned the logistics of transporting Sian Flynn, the prospective Conservative Party candidate, around the enormous North Cornwall constituency and spent almost every daylight minute of each day of the General Election campaign in her company.  I saw her through the highs and lows of the campaign and was extremely impressed by her general all-round political professionalism and willingness to engage with constituents of all persuasions.  On many occasions she solved their problems even though she knew a personal vote might not be forthcoming.  She gathered new supporters around her during the campaign and almost overhauled the Liberal incumbent on the big day.  She will make an excellent Conservative MP and would bring a breath of fresh air to any constituency that she represents. 

Paul Hudson, second in command, Prime Minister John Major's Special Protection Team

Sian Flynn worked incredibly hard representing the party in North Cornwall during the 2010 election and has a wealth of experience when it comes to the criminal justice system and tackling offending.  

George Eustice MP

I have known Sian and her husband Peter for over 30 years.  We maintain a great social friendship and meet regularly. 

I had cause to see Sian in a different light during the build up to the 2010 General Election.  I had been Constitutency Chairman for North Cornwall many years ago and was back as Deputy Chairman Fundraising for the period up to the election.  Sian was our Parliamentary Candidate fighting a Liberal stronghold seat. 

Through the 18 months we worked together, Sian worked tirelessly.  She proved herself to be very popular with members of the public and most effective when problems needed to be solved.  She had that inbuilt knowledge of who to speak to, both at local government and within the National party.  Over the years, she has built up a network of friends and contacts able to help.

In my view, Sian would be a credit to any constituency.  She has a work ethic second to none, vast business experience and a personality which put people at their ease.  She is also someone we need in 'the House'.  A person with experience life, common sense plus a drive and desire to serve.

Keith Willmott, past Chairman North Cornwall Conservative Association

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